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Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action (MOVCA) is the sponsoring organization of this program. You can learn more about MOVCA here.

The Youth Climate Ambassadors Program is a student-led program that was first established in academic year 2022-2023 with our youth and future generations in mind.


The purpose of this program is to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about environmental concerns and how they can help influence and improve their own communities by developing a project or goal within their schools and/or community. Participants of the Youth Climate Ambassador Program can learn more about the environment by exploring areas of interest beyond, and in addition to, what is offered in the curriculum within their own schools.

Students entering into grades 9th-12th in the Mid-Ohio Valley region apply for the program, develop their own goals and project proposal, receive funding for project supplies, attend training opportunities with experienced environmental experts, receive guidance from mentors and MOVCA staff, and then implement and complete their projects by the end of the school year. Climate Ambassadors are awarded a cash stipend for their work at an awards luncheon hosted by the MOVCA group. 



  • Create your own project or goal to implement within your own school or community, such as:

    • Pollinator gardens

    • Organizing community clean-ups

    • Recycling programs

    • Campaign for air quality control on school campus

    • Create an environmental club at school

    • Plant Trees

    • Composting

    • Eliminate single-use plastics and Styrofoam

    • Encourage conservation efforts of local wildlife sanctuaries

  • Deeper understanding of Climate Change and its effects

  • Promote environmental awareness

  • Develop an understanding of personal responsibility of your own behavior and attitudes, as well as leading by example

  • Gain an understanding of local, state, and national environmental issues

  • Understand laws and regulations regarding environmental issues

  • Engage with elected officials and other leaders of their communities to understand how and why certain policies and legislation is created and passed.

  • Gain valuable skills such as leadership; advocacy; investigation and understanding of environmental issues; social and communication skills; promote awareness; and learning how to work individually and as a team to reach common goals

  • Learn about environmental career paths and colleges offering programs of interest

  • Add this program to your college applications to stand out and improve acceptance

  • Earn community volunteer recognition

  • Earn a cash stipend for project completions ($150)


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